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Wisconsin Capitols AAU Developmental Hockey Teams

Why We Started Our Developmental Hockey Program..

"These team's are purely developmental, we are offering as a place where kids have the ability to have a full-ice practice with only their team on the ice. Which obviously means that every skater will have more opportunity to develop their skating & stick-handling skills. But, we also want to really start to develop their feel for the game or "hockey sense." Things like where they need to be on the ice, how to really move with the puck to open other teammates up, move without the puck to where are open to get the puck back and be able to actually pass the puck when the opportunity presents itself. To develop their all-around game as a hockey player & person and be able to do it in an environment with great coaches and a truly developmental approach it.

It's a great opportunity for players who would like to play their association team as well as our AAU team. And for players (& parents) who would rather do our program as their only option (as we are planning to do with Kennedy) it’s a great fit for those families as well."

 -Garrett Suter, President of WiscoCaps AAU Developmental Hockey Program-

Wisconsin Capitols AAU; 2022-23 Winter Season - Tryout Dates & Times

Wisconsin Capitols AAU 2013 Team;

  •  Monday,  August 8 & Wednesday, August 10 @ Bob Suter's Capitol Ice Arena from 5:20pm-6:20pm.

Wisconsin Capitols AAU 2014 Team;

  •  Wednesday, July 6 @ Bob Suter's Capitol Ice Arena from 5:50pm-7:00pm.

Wisconsin Capitols AAU 2015 Team;

  • Wednesday, August 3rd @ Bob Suter's Capitol Ice Arena from 4:30pm-5:40pm.


* Parents will not be allowed in the rink during tryouts. After their player is ready to go on the ice, we ask that you wait in the lobby or leave the building until your skaters, "tryout session" is over. *

2022-2023 Ages & Levels of Available Teams...

Squirt Minor 10u - 2013 (Birth Year) Skaters

Mite 9u - 2014 (Birth Year) Skaters

Mite 8u - 2015 Birth Year Born Skaters or Younger

Details of our 2022-2023 Winter Season

Details of the Season all Wisconsin Capitols AAU Developmental Teams:

  • 4 Tournaments - 1 tournament will be at Capitol Ice Arena, Oct 2022; 1 tournament will be held in Wisconsin Dells Area, Ultimate Hockey tournaments, Nov 2022; 1 Tournament additional tournament, location TBD, Jan 2023; 1 outdoor tournament, Rosemont IL, Feb 2023.
  • Possible scrimmages based solely on the coaches discretionFinal approval will made given by Garrett Suter.
  • Two, one-hour practices each week; day, time & location to be determined prior to “tryout.” 
  • Start Date; Week of Monday, September 5th.
  • End Date; Sunday, February 26th.
  • COST: $2,875.00

This will be the only travel for our entire Wisconsin Capitols AAU Developmental Team's Winter Seasons; with the exception of any approved day trips for scrimmages. The original intent of these teams was to have zero travel and no extra nights spent in a hotel, they're 7 & 8 years old. The only reason we’re going to Rosemont is because the kids have such a great time at the outdoor tournament and it only ends up being a 1.5 hrs drive.


*Any skater who plays on any of our AAU teams are still eligible to play with their association as well (if they choose too) & can be listed on both rosters without breaking any WAHA rules or regulations.*